FGV holds lecture in Chile on training public administrators

Tue, 04/18/2017

FGV’s International Affairs Director (DINT) and President of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA), professor Bianor Cavalcanti, gave three lectures on contemporary challenges and their implications when training public administrators during his visit to Santiago. The schedule in the Chilean capital included a Master Class in the Hall of Honor at the Main House of Universidad de Chile; a lecture for the officers and employees of Dirección Nacional de Servicio Civil, in the context of the activities of the Sistema de Liderazgo Público; and the Opening Class of the academic year at Escuela de Capacitación de la Tesoreria de la República de Chile.

During these events, the professor addressed issues such as the complexity of implementing public policies, ethical dilemmas faced by administrators, and the importance of the pressure applied by multiple citizen interest groups regarding the provision of public services. He pointed out that one of the major hurdles is that public policies and their implementation cover different sectors, requiring joint actions that meet various interests in complex situations, which makes it harder to converge those interests and clearly outline solutions to the problems.

“Preparing public administrators to deal with complex situations, subject to uncertainties today and in the future, is a matter that requires new and tough choices in the design and implementation of training and qualification programs,” said the professor, showing key points of attention and exploring unique international approaches and experiences.



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