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The International Board was established by the FGV in 2009 to manage its international operations, in order to identify and develop areas of academic cooperation and better offers to existing and potential markets in view of the institutional results of FGV in its schools and institutes.

Catalyze the potential of the other units in the ocasions in which it is demonstrated that a cooperative enterprise offers greater advantages than the commitment of each individual unit.

We catalyze the value generating potential of each unit when the corporate cooperation provides greater benefits than the individual effort.


FGV Latin America is represented by the Latin American Center for Public Policies (FGV CLPP) of the Fundação Getulio Vargas. The CLPP was created in 2011 to be the gateway between FGV and the region. Integrant unit of the International Affairs Division (DINT) of FGV, the CLPP cooperates within Latin-American Institutes that add to the capacities and strengthen the actions of interest to the region.

Among the main products developed by the CLPP , we develop capacitation programs directed to the Latin-American public, implementation of advisory services on projects by demand of public and private bodies and the promotion of applied research and Latin American studies. The CLPP also is responsible for representing the FGV in summits and regionals meetings.


DINT GERINT (International Relations Management), launched in 2009, is FGV’s International Division responsible for integrating the various competencies of Fundação Getulio Vargas abroad. Its mission is to catalyze the value-generating potential of all FGV educational units in partnership with renowned academic institutions North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, aiming to be the lever to expand research and higher education.

In order to continue to gain recognition and add even more value to its institutional brand, DINT|GERINT seeks to promote world development through its specific programs and projects, achieving real sustainability as a result of interacademic cooperation beyond Brazilian borders.


The Center for Cooperation with Africa and Portugal (NuCAP), of the International Affairs Division (DINT), is a unit aligned within the mission of FGV in seeking its insertion – and, consequently, Brazil’s insertion – in the international scenario, through Portugal and the most important African countries.

DINT NuCAP’s objective is reinforce, in a structured, controlled and effective way, the performance and position of FGV in a sensible and important region, given the current worldwide geopolitics scenario. The international credibility, excellence level and the services amplitude, associated with the academic and market legitimacy, put FGV in a prominent position. With this support, FGV, through DINT NuCAP, act in cooperative partnerships, taking its experience to governments and public or private organizations that seek development through applied and scientific knowledge. 




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