Some of our consulting services are:

Ícone saúde

Public Health

Analysis of public health policies in Brazil to fight Covid-19; emergency strategies for the public and private health systems; strategic management of pandemics and epidemics; management of public health projects. 

State Modernization

State Modernization

Analysis of the State's modernization process and how such upgrade interferes in various sectors of society. Research and development of measures, tools, and platforms for public administration modernization.


Innovation for Public Policy

Knowledge and reflection on public policies and how they contribute to the improvement of public services provided to society by governments at different levels. Development of monitoring, analysis, and data visualization tools on public debates over areas such as education, health, economy, security, and transportation. 

Gestão de empresas

Business Management

Defining strategies that lead the company to obtain an exclusive and valuable position in the market to attract and keep customers, in addition to maximizing the company’s overall numbers. Recognizing the company's issues; implementing problem solving techniques; data collection and analysis; recommendations and strategy implementation. 


Border Integration

Analysis of the borders as spaces for political, economic, and social integration, especially regarding the role of governments in such spaces. 


Price and Cost Management

Customized price surveys that support planning, budgeting, purchasing, and management processes; development of reference prices, price indexes, and strategies, as well as cost compositions necessary to implement a service, according to industry requirements. 

mercado externo

Foreign Trade

We issue segment reports and reports on the dynamics of import and export for different industries, in addition to mapping production, consumption, and distribution chains, as well as developing cost and price indexes and trade balance indicators.


Agricultural Business

We monitor markets and a wide range of indicators, such as trade, productivity, and management. Additionally, we analyze the agricultural markets’ dynamics and their relationship with the economy, in addition to creating customized metrics and reports.

plano estratégico

Strategic Planning

Analysis and discussion of the processes and models that must be further developed for effective administration and achievement of good results in the organization. 

analise de dados

Data Collection and Analysis

We collect, process, and analyze data using specific techniques to carry out research, planning, study, development, and experimentation. Subsequently, we perform qualified and robust data analysis to support any decision making by company executives and public managers in the most diverse areas of knowledge. 

projetos e Estudos Setoriais

Industry Projections and Studies

Generation of strategic information about specific industries to support the decision-making process done by business executives, class entities, and government officials. We map the structure of given markets to indicate how certain macroeconomic situations can impact the industry.
Industry projections provides the client with an assessment of their operation’s costs, as well as an anticipation of the market fluctuation and trends.  

economia e finanças

Economy and Finance

We perform strategic analysis, economic-financial assessment, economic analysis, risk assessment, mergers and acquisitions, tax analysis, risk management using derivatives, and much more. 



We enable sustainable development in its various dimensions — equity, social justice, ecological balance, and economic efficiency — comprising the study and dissemination of concepts and practices.  

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Collection of a wide range of data to create customized political, economic, and geopolitical analyses, using proprietary methodologies developed over years of applied research, combined with the intensive use of new technologies, machine learning, and IoT.  


Other topics

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