Course duration
40 hours
Application period
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This course introduces the regulatory systems and oversight of Public Spending, the implementation of resources and the functionality of the Brazilian governmental funds.

Target Audience

Executives, government employees and businessmen/women in Latin America interested in understanding the functionality of the Brazilian Regulatory System of Public Spending, the implementation of public resources and the balancing of governmental funds


  • FGV’s instructors will present concepts, best practices, and case study analysis in a strategic, up-to-date, and dynamic way. Students will be expected to discuss, analyze and exchange ideas concerning the topic.
  • Modality: online, presential or semi-attendance (to be defined).
  • This course may include a technical visit to private companies and/or public agencies. 


  • Internal Regulatory System of Spending: The Brazilian case
  • The control in spending exercised by the Legislative Branch in Brazil
  • Executive Branch bill control, in the federal/national, state (province) and municipal level.
  • Ethical visits to public agencies responsible for financial regulations in the national, state and/or municipal level

Class Schedule and Location

Academic Workload: 40 hours
Frequency and time: to be defined.
Location: depending on the modality offered
- Presential: at FGV in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Brasília (to be defined).
- Semi-Presential: face-to-face meetings at FGV in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Brasília (to be defined) and virtual meetings transmitted by webconference.
- Virtual: 100% live classes transmitted by webconference. 

Academic Requirements 

  • Academic background in the areas of Finance or Economics.
  • Relevant professional experience in financial control areas in public or private companies.


If you have any questions or would like more information about our Program, contact us: 
E-mail: dint@fgv.br 
Phone: +55 21 3799-6059 





To receive this course certification students are expected to have an attendance of at least 75%. 
In conjunction with the certificate students will also receive a digital badge they will be able to easily display in their social media platforms. The FGV badge is encrypted with blockchain technology, that guarantees the veracity of the information published.