Duration of the undergraduate program
40 hours
Application deadlines
Em breve


This program focuses on the challenges financial managers face and on introducing the main tools to efficiently manage financial resources based on the current demand of the market, and to help participants to make more assertive decisions without losing sight of the business’s sustainability and its real value.  

Target Audience 

Professionals in the financial and accounting management field, executives and businessman/women who are looking to increase their knowledge and improve their management skills. 


  • FGV’s Professors will present concepts, best practices and will work on case studies in a strategic, dynamic, and up-to-date form. Debates, discussions, and life experiences exchange will be encouraged during class. 
  • Class Type: in-person, semi-attendance or virtual (to be defined).


  • Fundamentals of Financial Management  
  • Working Capital Management 
  • Stock Market 
  • Integrated Business Assessment 
  • Investment Projects and Resources 

Class Schedule and Location

  • Academic Workload: 40 hours
  • Days of the week: Daily
  • Time: to be defined
  • Location: depending on the modality offered
    - In-person: the course can be held In-person in Brazil or in another country, as required
    - Semi-attendance: the course can be held in person in Brazil or in another country, according to demand, complemented by virtual meetings transmitted by webconference
    - Virtual: 100% live classes broadcast via webconference


Students who have a class attendance of at least 75% will receive a Participation Certificate at the end of the course. 




In conjunction with the certificate students will also receive a digital badge they will be able to easily display in their social media platforms. The FGV badge is encrypted with blockchain technology, that guarantees the veracity of the information published. 


If you have any questions or would like more information about our Program, contact us: 
E-mail: americalatina@fgv.br
Phone: +55 (21) 3799-6059