Life at FGV

The city

Check here for useful information about FGV schools and facilities located in São Paulo. 

Addresses of FGV schools

EAESP - School of Business Administration of São Paulo 

John F. Kennedy Building 
Address: Av. 9 de Julho, 2029 - Bela Vista, São Paulo/SP (Also access via Rua Itapeva, 432) 
Zip code: 01313-902   
Telephone: +55 11 3799-7777 / 3799-7700 


EESP - School of Economics of São Paulo 

Professor Remo Rinaldi Naddeo Building 
Address: Rua Itapeva, 474 - Bela Vista, São Paulo/SP 
Zip code: 01332-000 
Telephone: +55 11 3799-7630 


Direito SP - São Paulo Law School

Edifício Dona Leopoldina  
Address: Rua Rocha, 233 - Bela Vista, São Paulo/SP 
Zip code: 01330-000 
Telephone +55 11 3799-2222 / 3799-2233 


RI - School of International Relations 

Avenida Paulista, 548 - Bela Vista, São Paulo 
Zip code: 01310-000 
Telephone: +55 11 3799-3755 


Karl A. Boedecker Library 

Students from FGV schools in São Paulo can use the services and collection offered by the Karl A. Boedecker Library. Founded in 1954, it is located in the John F. Kennedy Building and also in the Dona Leopoldina Building. It has vast material focused on the areas of administration, social sciences, law, economics, business and international relations.  

The library has 60,000 titles and 78,000 copies of books, theses and dissertations. In addition, it has more than 1,600 journal titles, 9,000 indexed journal articles and 140 electronic publications. The collection also contains more than 500 films and 650 videos. 

Aimed at serving the entire academic community of Fundação Getulio Vargas, the library maintains a website. The virtual address works as a communication channel with users, where it is possible to have access to the online catalog and check more information about the services and resources available. 

See below for addresses and hours: 


John F. Kennedy Building

Address: Av. 9 de julho, 2029 - (Access also via Rua Itapeva, 432) - Bela Vista, São Paulo/SP 

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 9:45 pm, and 9:00 am to 5:45 pm on Saturdays 


Dona Leopoldina Building

Address: Rua Rocha, 233 - Bela Vista, São Paulo/SP 

Hours: Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 9:45 pm, and from 9 am to 5:45 pm on Saturdays (only when there is a class at Graduate GV Law) 


For the comfort and practicality of students, professors and other FGV employees, all schools have a snack bar and/or restaurant within their facilities. 

The John F. Kennedy Building has a restaurant and snack bars on the 1st, 5th and 7th floors, with a total capacity for 160 people. It is open from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 9 pm, and on weekends and holidays as required. 

The Edificio Professor Remo Rinaldi Naddeo offers a cafeteria on the ground floor, with capacity for 32 people. Itis open from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 9 pm, and on weekends and holidays as required. 

In the Avenida Paulista Building, there is a cafeteria on the lower floor, with capacity for 12 people. It is open from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 9 pm, and on weekends and holidays as required. 

The Dona Leopoldina Building has a restaurant on the ground floor with capacity for up to 60 people. It is open from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 8 pm, and from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm on Saturdays. 

In the lobby of Centro Empresarial Berrini there is a cafeteria, not linked to the institution, available for students and employees.  

In the FGV Faria Lima building, there is a food option that is also not linked to the institution, located on the ground floor. 


Classrooms at all FGV schools offer students and teachers a modern and fully equipped space that optimizes the study and learning experience. The environments are air-conditioned and have technological resources, allowing access to the institution's mobile network.  

The rooms also have ideal lighting, Datashow, computers, screen for projections and whiteboard. They also have chairs within ergonomic standards and infrastructure for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. 


The 9 de Julho Auditorium is the space used by FGV schools in São Paulo to hold classes, lectures, conventions, seminars, workshops and complementary activities.  

In its infrastructure, the environment has fixed seats, digital sound system, screen for projections, stage, conference table and tribune, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, booths for simultaneous translation, dressing rooms, central air conditioning and access for the disabled. 

With capacity for 309 people, it is located in the John F. Kennedy Building, at Av. 9 de Julho, 2029, in Bela Vista, São Paulo. 

It also has an entrance hall with structure for holding coffee breaks for up to 160 guests. 

There is also the FGV 9 de Julho Room, which is used for smaller events and holds 88 people, in addition to a boardroom with space for up to 6 people. It has a dressing room, central air conditioning, accessibility and an entrance hall that can be used for coffee breaks with up to 50 people. 

The Salão Nobre is another option for events, with infrastructure that includes a pantry and elevator for people with limited mobility. Holds up to 150 people and 3 director tables for up to 7 people. 

Study rooms

Students find study-oriented environments in two FGV buildings. In the John F. Kennedy Building, academic and professional master's and doctoral students have a study space on the 3rd floor.  

The other students have access to two lounges equipped with computers in the 1st and 2nd basements, for reading, studying and other academic activities.  

In the Leopoldina Building, there is a study hall located on the 1st basement level. 


Sports Court

The multi-sport court is the stage for sporting events such as indoor soccer and basketball championships. In addition, it is a meeting point for students and used for holding events and festivities. Located on Avenida 9 de Julho, the court is managed by Atlética, a student entity made up of EAESP students. 



Livraria FGV is located at Edifício John F. Kennedy, on Avenida 9 de Julho. It specializes in national and imported books on business, administration, economics and law. Students, professors and former students have special conditions, in addition to being able to order books on any subject. The FGV Bookstore is open from 9 am to 9 pm, from Monday to Friday, and from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.