Mensagem do Diretor

FGV is a unique institution in Brazil that works tirelessly to establish the highest standards of teaching and research in the country. With regard to teaching, the institution stands out for enabling an intellectual elite committed to the challenges and future of Brazil. According to the assessment of Brazil’s Ministry of Education, our schools — located in Rio, São Paulo and Brasília — are the best in the country. Our executive courses, implemented throughout the country for more than one hundred thousand students per year, reflect how the market acknowledges FGV’s teaching.   

We are also the third most influential think tank in the world, according to the University of Pennsylvania ranking. In keeping with the mission of stimulating Brazil’s socioeconomic development, FGV transforms knowledge into public goods through the various studies published by our renowned research centers. The result is applied knowledge, always aiming to contribute to improving society's quality of life.    

As the Director for International Affairs, I have the enormous and yet pleasant challenge of translating the excellence of the FGV brand and services abroad. It is a necessary path with no return. We have a lot to learn from the rest of the world, and we also have a lot to teach. Internationalization must always be understood as a two-way street. In Brazil, we've built a reputation for excellence based on solid foundations over the last 77 years. Around the world, we've established close academic ties with the most important educational institutions, think tanks and governments.    

Our current days are marked by significant and sudden transformations motivated by geopolitics, technological innovations, and an increasingly digital and interdependent world. FGV belongs to this very world. We export what we carry in the institution’s DNA: contributing to improving public policy choices and forming a thinking elite committed to the future.    

Welcome to the FGV World. 

Marlos Correia de Lima
Director for International Affairs