FGV and the University of Münster sign a MoU

Students, professors and researchers will have the opportunity to complement their education in one of the greatest and most traditional German universities.

FGV has signed a cooperation agreement with Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, better known as University of Münster, which is one of the top universities in Germany. The 240-year-old institution is among the 20 best German universities according to the Times Higher Education University Ranking, which highlights its Humanities and Arts programs. Known for its vibrant student life, the University of Münster offers a range of academic opportunities through its 15 faculties, 120 courses and 30 research centers.

The agreement, signed in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding, opens possibility for the development of partnerships between both institutions to promote student and faculty exchange programs, research projects, teaching programs, information exchange, academic publications, among other collaborations. Additionally, the Memorandum enables future specific cooperation agreements.  

FGV’s International Affairs Division and the São Paulo based Brazilian Center, an interdisciplinary research association administered by the University of Münster, played a key role in mediating the agreement. FGV’s International Affairs Division is responsible for identifying international opportunities for FGV’s students, professors and researchers, and actively contributes to the internationalization of its Schools and Units.

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