FGV’s International Affairs Division represents Brazil at the CAF Coordinators Meeting in Colombia

Organized by the development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean - CAF, the event brought together 22 educational leaders from 17 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain to drive innovation and leadership in Ibero-America.

The International Affairs Division of the Getulio Vargas Foundation participated in the CAF’s Coordinators Meeting, which took place at the Universidad  Externado in Colombia on August 22nd and 23rd. Bringing together representatives from the two most prominent training programs supported by the institution – the Public Governance and Innovation Program, and the Leadership for Transformation 2.0 Program -, the event promoted a unique space for dialogue, co-creation, and the exchange of experiences among partner universities.

The courses offered by CAF are designed to promote forward-thinking leadership, enhacing in participants the ability to face present-day challenges and catalyze change within the countries of the region. In Brazil, FGV's International Affairs Division is responsible for the academic coordination and oversees the operations of the Public Governance and Innovation Program. This program, now in its second edition, caters to a diverse and highly qualified student body hailing from the public, private, and third sectors, spanning all corners of Brazil.

Rafaela de Oliveira, FGV's international manager, coordinates the program in Brazil and represented FGV at the meeting, which she described as "a rich experience for identifying best practices and seeking differentiated learning solutions that can make the Public Governance and Innovation Program, unique in the region, a reference." The meeting represents a significant milestone in the field of education and regional development, creating space not only for the evaluation and improvement of training initiatives but also for the strengthening of a collaboration network among Ibero American higher education institutions.

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