Partnership between FGV and the European University Institute is expanded

Internationally recognized for the excellence of their research, FGV and EUI are consolidating their cooperation to offer new opportunities to students, professors and researchers.

Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) has signed a new academic cooperation agreement with the renowned European University Institute (EUI), which is based in Florence, Italy. The two institutions have previously collaborated through the Rio de Janeiro Law School, and have now decided to expand their partnership to include opportunities for cooperation in other areas of education and research, involving the proposal of joint educational programs, exchange of publications, research collaboration, and event promotion.

The new agreement foresees collaboration in the fields of social sciences and humanities, focusing mainly on the areas of Public Administration, Economics, Law, History, Political and Social Sciences, International Relations, Transnational Governance, Public Policy, and Government. In addition to the general agreement, a specific agreement was also established to regulate the exchange of students between FGV EPPG's Master's program in Public Policy and Government, in Brasilia, and EUI's Master's program in Transnational Governance. Under the agreement, each institution will be able to send up to two students per year to attend one semester at the partner university.

The European University Institute is a highly regarded institution for postgraduate studies and research, with a focus on areas related to the European Union. Its expertise in transnational governance will greately benefit FGV's students, who will have the opportunity to complement their education in an institution of international excellence, with a diverse academic community and recognized for the high-quality research it conducts. 

The signing of the agreements was intermediated by FGV's International Affairs Division - DINT, which is responsable for promoting and expanding international opportunities for students, professors and researchers at FGV. To learn more about FGV's partnerships around the world, click here.