FGV and Paraguay conclude 2 capacitation for 100 employees of the country’s water and sanitation sector

The FGV DINT realized an MBA in Project Management and a Technical Capacitation in Business Management throughout 2021 in partnership with the government of Paraguay.

The International Affairs Division (FGV DINT) and the Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay (MOPC) concluded, in 2021, two virtual programs: an MBA in Infrastructure Project Management and a Technical Capacitation Program in Business Management, both with an emphasis in the water and sanitation sector. The Programs, coordinated by the international management Rafaela Oliveira, received financial support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

Directed to 50 employees of the Ministry, the MBA offered theoretical and practical tools for project management, intending to optimize the performance and improve the results of Public Administration in Paraguay. Realized with the support of FGV In Company between January and November, the specialization had 18 subjects and 432 class hours taught on the Zoom platform and talked about themes like management of technical, financial, and human resources in projects. 

On the other hand, the Technical Capacitation, which lasted 100 hours and occurred between May and September of the current year, was directed mainly to 50 directors, managers, and technicians from water and sanitation agencies and companies. The objective of this program was to impulse the efficiency and the sustainability of services supplied to the Paraguayan community. In total, the training had five online subjects that presented aspects of business management from the perspective of corporative governance, strategy, human resources, finance, and innovation. 

There is the expectation that the professionals trained by FGV could respond more efficiently to the current national challenges related to the quality of services supplied and the expansion of the coverage of drinking water and basic sanitation systems throughout the country.