President's message

A leader in education and research in Brazil and abroad, FGV works - heart and mind - to pursue its mission of stimulating Brazil’s socioeconomic development. This is why FGV is ranked the 3rd most important think tank in the world, the 1st in Latin American for more than a decade, and the best managed one for five consecutive years, according to the University of Pennsylvania.   

As a center of excellence, our concern is to be always an innovative institution, for our students and for society. Not only our academic and executive courses but also our activities closely track the evolution of public institutions and companies as well as their needs in terms of qualifications and professional specialization.  

Given the unparalleled challenges faced in 2020, FGV gathered strength to accelerate the creation of knowledge to provide solutions for imminent threats. Due to our previous strategic investment, we were prepared to tackle the unlikely challenge of a pandemic. The institution did not halt its activities. On the contrary, it advanced in various areas, most notably innovative segments such as applied mathematics for infection mapping, artificial intelligence for the formulation of public policies, computer science focused on education, monitoring fake news, and a number of other projects that may be adapted and reused according to the challenges that may arise.  

We made a choice for the future. And we will continue to go in that direction. FGV has entered this new world from a solid basis, built up over the years. Internationalization is for us more than a strategic goal. It is part of a fundamental process of knowledge interaction and network building that generate multiple-level benefits to our clients, students, professors and researchers.  

I welcome you to join us in this challenging and amazing future.

Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal