Undergraduate Programs

The International Double Degree is a program offered based on an institutional partnership agreement in which the student takes courses in two programs, one at FGV and the other at an institution abroad, and graduates with two diplomas in the period of a single course — one from the home institution and one from the external institution.  

Unlike the international exchange program (academic mobility), in which the student usually spends a semester or academic year studying at a university in another country and can validate these subjects taken at their university of origin, the double degree has a complementary curriculum between both institutions, which allows recognition of the title both in Brazil and in the country of the partner institution. 

In an environment of high competitiveness, the double degree is a differential in the academic curriculum and a way to obtain greater experience, allowing one to stand out in the professional market. 

FGV has agreements with renowned foreign institutions and offers double degree programs for undergraduate, MBA, master’s, and PhD degrees. 

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