Welcome to FGV International Affairs Division

When touring by this web page you will notice that we reffer to our division as DINT, abbreviation for International Affairs Division, in Portuguese.

I am glad to introduce you to one of the youngest corporate units of FGV - Fundação Getulio Vargas, institutionalized in February 2009.

Since then, honored by FGV President's appointement, I am in charge of leading a small and very much dedicated group of professionals towards the purpose of identifying and developing opportunities for academic cooperation, and providing better offers for current and potencial future markets.

We are also responsible for generating synergies among the other FGV units, leveraging international initiatives, promoting innovative actions designed to fulfill FGV international stakeholders needs and those of FGV Brazilian stakeholders, with specific international interests.

Here you will find general information on FGV endeavors, performed or to be perfomed by our students, faculty, alumni, consultants and fellow employees, towards the Brazilian society's development - core idea behind the FGV institutional mission.

Help us to improve this medium, share our mission.

Bianor Cavalcanti,

International Affairs Division.



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