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OiChina Course: Semi-Intensive Mandarin course, Beginner Level. New group starting in October 6th 2011, on Thursdays, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm in Botafogo.

Focus: Practice writing ideograms, oral practice, listening and reading comprehension.

Objective: Fluency in pinyin and tones / Learn ​​about 1,000 Chinese characters / Get the ability to speak, read and write for travelling, studies and negotiations in China.

Duration: Complete course: 18 months / length of each class: 2 hours

Content: 20 lessons covering topics of work, traffic, travel, restaurant, hospital, businesses, including the learning of phonics, vocabulary, grammar, dialogues, exercises and culture of China.

Evaluation: The student is evaluated by his performance and participation in six tests during the course. He will receive his certificate when reaching minimum 70 average points of all tests and 75% of attendance in class.

• Registration (includes didactic material): R$ 180.00
• Regular Monthly Fee: R$ 315.00
• Discounts given to students, staff and trainees of the FGV: 20%
• Monthly discount: R$ 252.00


Lecture Quality: Classes are dynamic, easy, fast and pleasant. All teachers of OiChina are native Chinese, fluent in Portuguese and Chinese. They are teachers with practical proven, experienced and dedicated. The student will soon see that learning to speak and write Chinese is not as difficult as generally thought.

Small classes: Courses are made with small classes, have at least 10 and at most 16 students, facilitating learning and enabling the participation and collaboration among students.

Unique educational material: books prepared by teachers of OiChina emphasizes the practice and rules of language in the day-to-day, to stimulate the ability to listen, speak and write in Mandarin, preparing for the Brazilian conversations, negotiations with Chinese and travel.

Commitment to culture: In addition to learning the language, teachers communicate - which is of great significance - the knowledge of customs, China's history.


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