FGV joins itinerary of South American Biennial of Contemporary Art

Seg, 13/11/2017

FGV is part of BIENALSUR – International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America. The initiative will connect 32 cities from 16 countries throughout the world, bringing together more than 250 artists and curators from the five continents under the idea of creating a global network of associative institutional collaboration to eliminate distances and borders and claim the singularity within diversity.

Beginning November 14, the exhibition ‘Natatório de Dipierro’ will be housed in shapes designed by Oscar Niemeyer at the Esplanade of FGV’s Cultural Center. The construction, impregnated with the tradition of modernist abstraction, consists of pieces that engage in random conversations with the space that contains them.

Between the functional and the useless. Between art and ornament. Between abstraction and architecture. So can be defined the work of artist Marcolina DipierroNatatório de Dipierro is a series of four facilities or situations that refer to a water complexthat includes trampoline, rest area, lanes, and a locker room.

“It is an irreverent tribute, fresh and true, to the great architect Oscar Niemeyer, and fundamentally to the utopian aspirations of a total art that incorporates, without distinction or hierarchy, art, design, architecture, and urbanism,” said the Argentine artist.

With a completely new model, BIENALSUR strives to follow the pulse of current demands through participation of artists, curators, collectors, critics, journalists, and the general public. With multi-disciplinary events that take place in various cities across South America, BIENALSUR allows partner organizations and companies to fulfill the goal of promoting social responsibility through art and culture.

The opening of the exhibition will be held on November 14 at 5 p.m. The artistic intervention is open to visitation by the public until December 15 on the Esplanade of FGV’s Cultural Center, in Rio de Janeiro (Praia de Botafogo, 186 – Botafogo).



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